Fiasp® helps you manage your blood sugar

Managing your blood sugar at mealtime is an important part of reaching your A1C goals. Fiasp® is an injectable prescription medication used to help improve blood sugar in adults and children with diabetes.

Fiasp® is designed to start working fast

Fiasp® is insulin aspart in a formulation containing 2 additional ingredients: a form of vitamin B3 (niacinamide), which increases the speed of initial insulin absorption, and an amino acid to aid stability.

Fiasp® enters the bloodstream quickly after dosing

It enters your bloodstream in approximately 2½ minutes. This way, you can take Fiasp® at the start of the meal, or 20 minutes after the start of a meal.

See how Fiasp® works in the body

Watch this video to see how Fiasp® works to help control your blood sugar, and what makes it different than NovoLog® (insulin aspart injection) 100 U/mL.

Fast Facts about Fiasp®
  • Vitamin B3 increases the speed of initial insulin absorption
  • Fiasp® enters the bloodstream in approximately 2½ minutes
  • Fiasp® can be taken at the start of a meal or within 20 minutes after starting a meal
See how to fit Fiasp® in at mealtime