How to take Fiasp®

Find out how taking Fiasp® may differ from your other diabetes medications. Mealtime insulin may be a step towards reaching your A1C goal.

Fiasp® offers adjustable dose timing

It should be taken at the start of a meal, or within 20 minutes after starting a meal. Your health care provider will tell you the appropriate time to take Fiasp® based on your individual needs and goals.

NovoLog® and Fiasp® dosing information
“Having a mealtime insulin I can take just before eating, or even 20 minutes after I start eating, really helps me to balance the insulin I take with the food I eat.”

—Vivian, age 58, type 2 diabetes

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When should I test my blood sugar when taking Fiasp®?

Checking your blood sugar and tracking your numbers is an important part of your diabetes care plan. It lets you and your health care provider know if your current treatment is working. Your health care provider will recommend when and how often to check it, as well as your target blood sugar range. This blood sugar tracker can help you document your numbers so that you can share them with your health care provider. Learn how to check your blood sugar, and track online through Cornerstones4Care®.

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