Approved for use in a pump and available in a PenFill® cartridge!a

Fiasp®—with the first biteb

Fiasp® is an injectable prescription medication used to help improve blood sugar in adults and children with diabetes.

At its core, Fiasp®:

  • Is designed to start working fast
  • Enters the bloodstream in approximately 2½ minutes
  • Gives you options for when you can take it: at the start of a meal or up to 20 minutes after starting a meal
  • Is proven to help lower A1C when taken with a long-acting insulin

Is Fiasp® right for me?

aRefer to the insulin infusion pump user manual to see if Fiasp® can be used. Use in accordance with the insulin pump’s instructions for use.
bInjected at the start of a meal or within 20 minutes after starting a meal.

Rapid acting mealtime insulin

Savings and personalized support are available

Novo Nordisk offers the same savings and support options for Fiasp® as NovoLog® (insulin aspart injection) 100 U/mL.
Check to see if you’re covered, and find your Fiasp® co-pay ›

With a Savings Card, eligible patients pay as little as $25 a fill for up to 2 years (maximum savings up to $100 per fill) when starting Fiasp®.

Eligibility and other restrictions apply.

Join Cornerstones4Care® for free support that will help you or someone you care for get started with a new medication and the 4 cornerstones of diabetes care: healthy eating, being active, medicine, and tracking.

Real stories, common goals

Everyone with diabetes has a unique story to tell. Watch real people living with diabetes share their stories, and find out how they manage their condition every day. Also learn how Fiasp® became a part of their diabetes care plan.

Tools and resources for starting Fiasp®